Welcome to our Rotary Club! 



Welcome to Club Runner our new website. Club Runner is a website platform designed by Rotarians specifically for Rotary Clubs. I know you will find our new site informative and interesting and eventually find Club Runner to be a powerful communications and administrative tool. You will learn more about Club Runner over the next few weeks as we take advantage of the many built in features in the site.

We are all excited to see how Club Runner will revolutionize the way we manage our day to day club activities, as well as communicate more effectively. Club Runner is an all-in-one membership and communication software package designed for Rotary. More than just an easy-to-use website, it is a complete online package comprised of several modules, all designed to maintain our members' data, facilitate interactive communication, organize events and volunteers, distribute email newsletters and broadcast communications, improve public relations, and help run our club more efficiently.

Our site has been development for the past few months and its success due to the hard work of our website team. Our thanks to team members Gail Royster, Donna Kastner, Connie Mroczkowski, George Schmutz and Joe Avella. Special thanks to Rotary Partner Elizabeth Kwolek and Printing Concepts specialist Adam Kalcik who did most of the heavy lifting that made this site possible.
In order to receive your password for our new site, please to to the "Login" tab and click on "New and existing users- Retrieve your password". This will direct you to the "Get Password" screen. You will be asked to enter your last name and your email address. Once you click on "Get Login Info" you will receive an email to retrieve your credentials.
Thanks for logging in and enjoy your new site!