Recently appointed President, Matthew J. Wilson, outlined his vision for the future of the university and his student centered approach to administration.
He emphasized that throughout his teaching and academic management career he always considered the impact on individuals and believed that “everything is about the student”.
As Dean of the Law School he addressed declining enrollment and the greatly reduced demand for new lawyers nationally emphasizing the international opportunities increasingly available to graduates.
As a result, the University of Akron is now the second largest law school in the state of Ohio.
President Wilson also emphasized the strength of Akron’s engineering school, especially in the corrosion and aerospace specialties. Akron’s business school is also top ranked in its category.
In the future, President Wilson will place greater emphasis on international and evening offerings.
He states that in the Internet world, education is changing dramatically and Akron intends to be competitive. He also recognized increasing competition in the community college market in which Akron offers a strong program.
The Wilson family resides in Hudson with students attending Hudson High School.