Visit Santa-on-the-Green and tour the Historic Log Cabin on the opposite corner of Main Street, Dec 3 from 9am-3pm.
The Rotary Club of Hudson continues the 45-year tradition of thrilling children and parents with a conversation with Santa and Mrs. Claus in the Main St Gazebo located on the Hudson Green. Over 350 kids enjoyed this opportunity in 2022. Hot chocolate provided by Hudson’s Restaurant and candy canes by Rotary are always a big hit. Santa will arrive at 9:00am on a shiny red fire engine to welcome good girls and boys and their families at the Gazebo. Santa’s elves will be assisting with the celebration and photos of families with Santa are encouraged.
To avoid long lines, a ticket system has been established to allow Santa to be able to chat with 20 families per hour for a total of 120 visits during the six-hour period. Tickets will be available at 7:45am next to the Gazebo where visitors will be given a specific time to get in line for Santa. This will help families avoid long lines and to enjoy the festivities on the Green.
On the opposite corner of Main St, the historic log cabin built for the Scouts in 1931 and about to be renovated will be open for visitors to view the original construction from inside the building. Rotary has raised over $250,000 for this community project. In case of rain, Santa will greet families inside the cabin.
Learn more about the Scout cabin here!