About the Hudson Rotary Foundation


The Hudson Rotary Foundation is the arm of our club that facilitates charitable and community works that have characterized this Rotary organization for decades. The key to our success is, obviously, our people and the adherence to our goals and vision:

  • To provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in the community of Hudson.
  • To support and contribute to the success of activities to which Hudson Rotarians commit.
  • To fund scholarships for deserving high school students.
  • To ensure that charitable beneficiaries selected and approved by the Hudson Rotary Club are deemed eligible beneficiaries under the Foundation’s Charter, Bylaws, and IRS regulations.
  • To educate and inform Hudson Rotarians about the activities of the Hudson Rotary Foundation on an ongoing basis.
  • To adhere to the highest standards of integrity and accountability in the management of these funds.

Through our scholarship program, Hudson Rotarians provide the manpower to carefully interview and select deserving students from the area to receive scholarships. The Hudson Rotary Foundation has and will continue to provide the financing necessary to grant these scholarships to many local students as they work through college and vocation programs.

The foundation has also supported organizations that provide a service to our community, such as Hattie Larlham, Hudson Special Olympics and EMS. It sponsored the Hudson Bicentennial Commission and provided funding for the preservation of the historic Case-Barlow Farm. The foundation has supported Hudson’s local community television, our local Boy Scout troop, Hudson Schools and provides scholarships to Hudson High School students. A major beneficiary in recent years has been the “Gift of Life” program, sponsored by Rotary International, wherein our club provides transportation and temporary housing for families of underprivileged children in dire need of heart surgery.

We are very grateful to have the support of our donors as we continue to build our permanent endowment fund. The Rotary Club of Hudson is encouraged to promote estate endowment and IRA distribution gifts to the Foundation both within the club and within the Hudson community at large.

The Rotary Club of Hudson is encouraged to promote estate endowment and IRA distribution gifts to the Foundation both within the club and within the Hudson community at large.

The Hudson Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and the Tax ID is 34-1856507

Rotary Club of Hudson Foundation News


Hudson Rotary Foundation Treasurer Kathryn Sines reports that for the most recent fiscal year (2016-2017), the following Foundation grants and scholarships were among those issued:


Hudson Players — $500
Hudson Cable TV — $1,200
Hudson Fire Department — $1,000
Hudson Community Service — $500
Hudson Bandstand — $500
Music from Western Reserve — $500
HHS Extracurricular Clubs — $1,000
EMS Outreach — $5,000
Gift of Life NE Ohio — $5,000
HCER/Safety Town — $5,000
Boy Scout Troop #321 — $2,000
Misc. Requests — $1,500
Hudson Job Search — $500
HHS Service Learning — $1,000
HHS scholarships — $12,500



Grant Application Link
E-mail completed application to: Rosanne Drake at rosannejoe6@gmail.com

2015-2016 OFFICERS

President: Craig Tallman
Vice President: Donna Kastner
Secretary: Lynn Czup
Treasurer: Kathryn Sines


Class of 2017
George Snider
Dan Williams
Kathryn Sines
Rich Warfield
Joe Avella (past president)
Den Rich (club representative)
Class of 2018
Craig Tallman
Phil Warburton
Donna Kastner
Class of 2019
Rosanne Drake
Matt LaFountain


Chair: Rosanne Drake
Kathryn Sines
Dan Williams
Phil Warburton
Jim Young (club rep)


Chair: George Snider
Matt LaFountain
Joe Avella
Rich Warfield
Den Rich (club rep)


Chair: Phil Warburton
Craig Tallman
Rosanne Drake