Gervasi Vineyard
May 25, 2022 7:30 AM
Scott Swaldo, CEO/General Manager
Gervasi Vineyard

Scott Swaldo joined the Gervasi team in November of 2009 and is responsible for the oversight of all operations and development. Scott is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a MPT in Physican TherapyAfter several career changes, Scott felt like this was what he was meant to do. He loves working at Gervasi because of the great people he works with everyday who are passionate about what they do.  it allows him to be creative and focus his efforts on providing customers a memorable experience, employees an opportunity to grow and an enjoyable place to work. What makes the Gervasi experience amazing is their ability to make people feel like they have truly escaped or have been transported to somewhere very special.

Favorite GV Spot: The Piazza during a warm summer night at dusk, the gas lanterns lit, the music playing…the feeling is incredible.
Favorite GV Dish: Tuscan Beef Short Ribs
Favorite GV Wine: Truscano
Favorite Quote: “Staying the same is falling behind.”