High-Tech Success Stories
Jul 28, 2021 7:30 AM
William Nemeth, Director, Burton D. Morgan Mentor
High-Tech Success Stories

JumpStart’s Burton D. Morgan Entrepreneurial Mentoring is one of the premier entrepreneurial mentoring programs in the country and works with approximately 200 companies and deploys time donated through the generous efforts of approximately 200 mentors. Have worked with startups to raise capital and generate revenue in excess of $600 million with one company achieving a $2B valuation. The program is by invite and acceptance only selecting approximately 10 percent of the evaluated companies. By donating time our mentors can witness firsthand the impact their efforts have on the entrepreneurs.

To date, JumpStart has invested more than $61M into 125 Ohio tech startups. 44% of our total investment capital has been deployed into companies led by women and people of color.  20% of the startups we’ve funded have been led by African American or Latinx eSince inception, JumpStart has engaged more than 6,500+ companies.  In 2019 alone, JumpStart engaged 1,150 companies.  51% were led by women and 42% were led by people of color.  

JumpStart manages multiple collaboratives of support organizations across Ohio, including the Northeast Ohio Startup Network. Collectively, these networks have engaged more than 10,000 clients who have created more than 10,000 jobs and contributed $6.6B to the economy since 2010.  42% of these companies are led by women and 37% are led by people of color.