Jun 19, 2019 7:15 AM
Colleen McArtor
Sustainawell: Healthy Lifestyle

Founder, Colleen McArtor B.S. nutrition and dietetics, has an incredible passion for health and started her journey very young after she was called a name. Mentally this caused years of low self-esteem and improper dieting that led to trying to find her passion. After losing weight with Weight Watchers and feeling confident, she began to empower others.

Sustainawell is a healthy lifestyle program designed to get to the root of weight struggles. It's not the food that is the issue; it's the emotions and the self-talk that influence our food choices. Through a variety of engaging events, uplifting coaching sessions, and inspiring workshops, you'll discover a healthy and sustainable way of living. You will look and feel better than ever.

We have a heart to help people embrace challenges to their health. Sustainawell works with the individual to get to the problem. We take the time to listen to the individuals needs and adapt a plan that is balanced so the client can follow a simple plan that they chose not a plan that was cookie cutter for the masses. Sustainawell prides themselves on working closely so each person reaches their goals no matter what. Our personalized plans specializes in a caring heart that provides the resources for each person to work hard to achieve every goal the client strives for.