Brain Health and Aging
Jan 11, 2023 7:30 AM
Nicole B. Becher MAEd, LPSC
Brain Health and Aging

Nicole Becher is a Clinical Coordinator with the Summit County Public Health Department working with program initiatives under
communicable diseases and senior and adult services. The Covid-19 Pandemic gave Nicole an opportunity to pivot into the Public Health
Sector. Earning her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from WalshUniversity and Master’s Degree in Education from Malone University,
she has created a career focused on client advocacy, program development and community education on behalf of vulnerable populations across various industries.  She will be addressing "The Basics- A Talks About Brain Health & Aging".: The Basics aims to kickstart conversations by laying a foundation of information around ways to promote healthy aging and reduce potential threats to brain health no matter your age at this moment.